What and How to Recycle: Subject to change based on markets.

Empty and rinse containers before recycling. Remove items from bags and boxes before placing them in recycling containers!     Recycling labels are available in the ReUse and Recycling Office.

PAPER paper-towel

  • newspapers, magazines, catalogs, inserts
  • white and colored paper (lined, copier, computer, staples OK)
  • mail and envelopes (any color, window envelopes OK)
  • paper bags
  • wrapping paper
  • soft-cover books, telephone books (paperbacks, comics, etc.; no spiral bindings)
  • cardboard egg cartons and trays
  • smooth cardboard (cereal boxes, tubes, file folders, cardboard from product packaging)

 Flatten ALL cardboard; remove Styrofoam® and plastic.

  • corrugated cardboard boxes

Don’t include the following with your paper recycling. 

  • hard covers (remove and discard; recycle paper)
  • napkins, paper towels, or tissues (compost at home)
  • soiled paper plates and coffee cups; paper soiled with food or liquid (compost at home)
  • paper with a lot of tape and glue
  • plastic or wax-coated paper (candy wrappers, take-out containers, etc.)
  • photographic paper
  • padded mailing envelopes (plastic bubbles)


  • metal caps & lids (soup, pet food, EMPTY aerosol cans, beverage cans, etc.)
  • plastic bottles and jugs with a neck (#1 and #2) (laundry detergent, water/soda bottles, shampoo)


  • household metal (wire hangers, cooking pots, tools, curtain rods, metal utensils, small appliances (i.e. microwaves, toaster ovens)  that are mostly metal, EMPTY/OPEN paint cans lawn furniture, file cabinets etc.)
  • bulk metal (large metal items such as stoves, washers, dryers).
  • large Freon appliances  have a surcharge. Refrigerators, DE-humidifiers, freezers, etc.
  • Most window blinds/shades are vinyl. This is GARBAGE.


  • CLEAN aluminum foil wrap & trays (NO cans, bottles or Mylar® coffee bags! This is GARBAGE.)

PLASTIC (rigid/molded  plastics) Place in net. We put in BLUE Cart

  • recycle plastic caps & lids
  • rigid plastic food containers (yogurt, deli, hummus, NOT cookie or candy tray inserts, “clamshell” containers, other plastic take-out containers)
  • rigid plastic packaging (“molded” and “clamshell” take-out packaging)
  • rigid plastic housewares (mixing and cereal bowls, etc. NOT plastic spoons, forks or knifes)
  • bulk rigid plastic (crates, buckets, pails, furniture, large toys, storage, laundry and clean waste baskets, etc.)

NO plastic appliances (blenders, coffee pots, mixers), toothpaste or shampoo tubes. We are NO longer taking flower/garden pots. We don’t want your dirt!


  • Bottles and jars ONLY.(NO pottery, dishes, vases, ceramics, Pyrex®, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes or pane glass)

DON’T INCLUDE  the following with your metal, glass and plastic recycling. This is GARBAGE:

  • food & beverage cartons & drink boxes (ice tea, soy milk, soup, juice cartons, milk cartons etc.)
  • plastic foam items (foam cups, foam egg cartons, foam trays, foam packing peanuts, foam coolers, etc.)  Ulster County law
  • plastic bags, sandwich bags, wood pellet bags, animal feed bags, shower curtains, and all plastic “film”  NYSDEC Plastic Film law
  • containers that held dangerous or corrosive chemicals including oil, antifreeze and pesticides UCRRA HHW/Electronics Service
  • lighters (plastic, metal, or any material)
  • plastic tubes (toothpaste, tooth brushes, lotion, shampoo and cosmetics, etc.) and disposable razors
  • single-serve food and drink squeezable pouches (juice pouches, baby food squeeze pouches, yogurt to go)
  • cassette, CD, DVD and VHS tapes
  • 3-ring binders (separate the metal rings to recycle in the scrap metal); pens & markers (plastic, metal, or any material)
  • umbrellas, garden hoses, luggage (plastic or textile)
  • sponges
  • sports balls (basket balls, bowling balls, soccer balls, footballs, yoga balls, etc.)
  • any GLASS items other than glass bottles & jars (mirrors, light bulbs, ceramics, Pyrex®, window pane, glassware, etc.)
  • batteries (take batteries and metal out of toys before recycling) We DO take hazardous batteries: lithium, NiCad, etc.
  • electronics (computers, TVs, and related devices – we DO NOT take electronics at this time! UCRRA HHW/Electronics Service
  • Strings of holiday lights
  • Diapers (ewww)

These items listed under “DON’T’ INCLUDE” are not recycled by our vendor, and can create problems in processing and marketing the material that is recyclable. Take plastic bags and rechargeable batteries to local drop-off sites.

For more info on recycling and other take-back programs, see www.newpaltzreuse.org